Detoxify and Balance your Body's Energy Field!  The Ionic Body Balancerô is a highly effective DRUG FREE gentle, and effective way to detoxify, cleanse and balance the whole body by using negative ions to gently pull toxins out of the body through the 2000+ pores in the feet.
You are seated in a chair for 30-40 minutes soaking your feet in a sea salt and water foot bath.

The Ionic Body Balancer session combines water, sea salt, oxygen and hydrogen. This combination of basic elements has a positive cleansing effect on your entire body. These oxygen and hydrogen elements create an Ionic field that enters and traces its way through the 2000 plus pores on your feet.

The Ionic energy enters your lymphatic system to gently release toxic elements stored in the lymphatic system of your body.

Your immune system requires t-cells for health. The more toxins in your lymph system, the less t-cell production can take place in it. The lower the t-cell production, the weaker your immune system becomes and the easier you become ill. It is that simple!

If your lymphatic system becomes clogged and cannot drain these toxins, your immune system will eventually be weakened to the point where you become more susceptible to constant illness because t-cell production has been impaired or even compromised.

You will actually see the cleansing process as the water interacts with a compound electric current along with a frequency field structure. Subsequently, this cleansing process attains the correct frequency required to restore cells to a healthy state, while releasing years of bonded waste.

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Everyday living in today's polluted and stressful environment with chemicals in the form of pesticides, additives and preservatives found in our food, water, and beauty products can burden our body. The body's excretion pathways may be able to counteract these negative influences for a time, yet become overwhelmed after long term exposure resulting in the symptoms below. This buildup of toxins throughout the body compromise our health and appearance.

Symptoms of someone in need of a detox are numerous and may include:
Bags under the eyes
Lowered immunity
Dull skin
Spots and acne  
Mouth ulcers
Lowered immunity
Age spots
Eczema & Psoriasis
Poor sleep
Difficulty waking up
Hormone imbalance  

"After my first treatment I had so much energy!  It was incredible!  I haven't felt this good in years!  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this to anyone."

Ten reasons to detox include:

1. HEALTHY WEIGHT LOSS: which will increase your metabolism, reactivate the body's fat burning mechanisms, release the fat cells that hold toxins, reduce cellulite & easily maintain the weight that is correct for you.

2. MORE ENERGY, BETTER STATE OF MIND: think more clearly, feel lighter, and have energy which will boost your well being.

3. RESTORE AND REGAIN HEALTH: create a stronger immunity for yourself. Have fewer aches and pains, reduce allergies and flu symptoms, help activate the body's NATURAL intelligence to heal itself.

4. RID YOUR BODY OF TOXINS: eliminate the discomfort of detox, remove heavy metals, chemicals & toxins easily & comfortably from your body.

5. RECEIVE RELIEF: of discomfort from sore and aching joints, which are symptoms of arthritis and bursitis.

6. MAINTAIN GOOD HEALTH: Obtain high energy levels and long term wellness.

7. UNBURDEN YOUR BODY: of herbicides, pesticides, colorings, additives, preservatives and other untold chemicals that reside in our water, food and air.

8. QUICK, EASY AND AFFORDABLE SOLUTION: The more toxins we maintain, the faster we age & the faster our bodies break down. The immediate benefits are an increase in energy & overall well being, a healthier disposition, a better state of mind, weight loss, an increased metabolism, improved digestion which will help in restoring balance to the body & its organs & lessening the body' symptoms of discomfort. The aging process is slowed & the skin is able to rejuvenate itself correctly, THE WAY NATURE INTENDED!

9. SLOW THE AGING PROCESS AND LOOK YOUNGER: Clear your skin, remove rough discolored areas, smoothen dark areas under the eyes, lighten your skins color & NATURAL beauty will immediately radiate through. The aging of our skin slows & we are able to gain a more youthful appearance.

10. REJUVENATION: look & feel great, inside & out, beautify skin & hair.

Disclaimer: The Ionic Body Balancerô is not a medical device and is not intended to treat, prevent, cure, or diagnose any disease or ailment.

The Ionic Body Balancerô is part of a health and wellness system and the information provided is solely for use as part of a self-improvement
program. The information provided is not intended to act as a substitute for medical counseling or professional medical diagnosis or treatment by a licensed
Treatments are available in my studio and are $45 per session. Donít hesitate to call me at 315.686.1264 so I can answer any of your questions!
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